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No new clients are being accepted. Mathis Counseling Services is closing April 1, 2017.
(574) 273-1598
No new clients are being accepted. Mathis Counseling Services is closing April 1, 2017.
(574) 273-1598



Mathis Counseling & Hypnosis Serivces is a private practice I have used to help people change for over 15 years. I am the owner and therapist, Mona Mathis.  Whether the change seems little or one you have been working on for years,  I am here to help you make thoses changes.   Through Traditional Counseling, Neuro-Linguistics Programming and/or Clinical Hypnosis you will learn to behavior in ways that will enhance your life 

Through therapy, I teach choice. The more resourceful behaviors and reactions are available to a person in difficult situations (personal or professional),  the more competent and self-assured he or she feels.  Once a person is confident in their ability to deal with any situation, they will feel safe in this world.
In addition, I offer services in a comfortable setting where not only your confidentiality is protected, but also privacyWhen you call my office, I will answer the phone or return your call.  We will work together to address the situation holding you back, and I will keep your file and information secure as is possible in a private practice setting. In other words, unlike in big counseling agencys, no one sees you or your information but me and those for whom you give permission.

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Payment by checks or cash.   I am no longer accepting credit cards or filing insurance.  I am not a Medicare/Medicaid provider.  

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For Best Service:  ​Emails run the risk of occasionally being directed into the spam folder and may not reach me.  If your answer takes more than three business day, please phone or text.

Types of Counseling I offer:

• Individual Counseling
• Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis
• Hypnosis/ Neuro Linguistic Programming

Experienced in Treating:

• Depression/ Anxiety
• Women's Issues
• Addictions- after Treatment, Early Recovery
• Adult-Child Recovery Issues
• Crime Recovery